Norwich Baroque

Players Corner

JULY 21st and 22nd - Friday AND Saturday – Recorder duo concertos


NB. Unusual days eg. Thursday.

- Sunday 9th July – Belvedere centre 1pm Lunch, 1.30 rehearse

- Tues 18th - 7.15 pm @ St Stephens

- THURSDAY 20th 7.15pm @ St Stephens WITH PHILIPP and JENS

- Fri 21st @ 2.30pm at THE ASSEMEBLY HOUSE .. about 3 mins walk from St Stephens in the Hobart (Hobbit?) room.
Please bring a stand for this rehearsal as we will leave as much set up on Thursday evening as we can.

- Sat 22nd @ 2.30pm at Binham

Both concerts at 7.30pm - Friday St Stephens, Saturday Binham