Norwich Baroque

Players Corner

JUNE 3rd - Saturday 7.30pm – Organ Concertos


(NB. Tues 30th is at Wymondham Abbey and on the day we are starting at 2.30pm not 3)


Tues 23rd @ St Stephens 7.15pm
Tues 30th @ Wymondham Abbey 7.15pm WITH ROB
Fri 2nd @ St Stephens 7.15pm
Sat 3rd @ Abbey @ 2.30pm Access from 2pm (Wedding before this so take care if you are early)

PITCH: hmmmm... well apparently the chamber organ is at "a flat A440"... so that is what we will have to go with. Hoping therefore that we get to rehearse there on Tuesday 30th so we can establish just where the pitch is and try and stay with that.

CONCERT 3rd June 7.30pm Wymondham Abbey